Walden Gas

IMG 6669 1Pinedale Natural Gas operates the gas utility system for the Town of Walden, Colorado. Walden Gas serves about 900 customers in Colorado and Wyoming, around Walden and along Wyoming State Highway 230 to Laramie.

PNG operates and maintains the pipelines, meters and gas facilities. PNG responds to emergency gas calls. The Town of Walden runs billings and collections. 

Online payments are NOT currently available for Walden Gas Customers.

Walden Gas has its own contact numbers:

  For Billing, call the utility office 970-723-4662
  For Technical Service, call PNG 970-381-8557 Colorado
307-760-3845 Wyoming
  For pipeline & utility locates 800-922-1987 Colorado One-Call
800-849-2476 Wyoming One-Call 

Walden Gas is a municipal utility in Colorado and is not rate-regulated. It is regulated as to pipeline safety by the Colorado Public Utility Commission

IMG 5304 1Walden Gas is a certificated Public Utility in Wyoming and is regulated as to rates and to pipeline safety by the Wyoming Public Service Commission

Click here for Walden Gas Wyoming Rates

Click here for Walden Gas Colorado Rates

Many technical aspects such as gas characteristics, billing units, safety information are similar or identical in the Pinedale Natural Gas and Walden Gas systems.

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